Readit2: All ready to read 

Readit2 is a tried and tested one-to-one reading programme that improves the reading of two to five year-olds, enabling all children to enter school as reading equals. Readit2 trains adults to inspire children to love to read. Readit2 has been implemented in Primary and Infant schools for any children needing a daily one-to-one reading experience to develop the LOVE of reading.

One in four children in England, start school without the necessary communication and language skills to successfully learn to read.

In a survey by Quick Reads, 19% of parents with children under eight admitted that they read with them just once a week or less.

An inability to read well risks a life of poverty and a struggle for too many of today’s children. For more information see the Save the Children Campaign

Readit2 helps children develop an emotional bond with reading and learning before children start school.

The Readit2 programme creates literacy orientated pre-schoolers, giving them:

  • an emotional engagement with books and learning
  • high expectations of print
  • an understanding of the language of books
  • an interest in and familiarity with symbols, letters and words
  • improved social skills
  • stronger relationships with peers and adults.

Readit2 develops the ‘will’  to want to read.

“..the impact (of the training) was phenomenal….” Headteacher at Roebuck Primary School, Stevenage, Summer 2016

Readit2 also trains and supports teaching leaders, teachers and teaching assistants in schools to understand how young children learn to read. Applying the one-to-one daily emotionally bonding experience with the same key member of staff is now being adopted in Primary and Infant schools where leaders recognise these daily emotionally bonding moments are supporting children’s emotional development beyond the early years. Children who have not experienced a daily story in the loving arms of their parents on a regular basis start school at a disadvantage. They may well learn to decode with phonics, but may lack the rich vocabulary that research shows will support them in reaching their potential. They may not understand the difference between written and spoken language, or have made the connection that those squiggly lines on a page carry meaning. Young children are ‘meaning searchers’.

Click here to see Ronnie’s journey into literacy

And now…….Ronnie aged 4 years 3 months is reading. Thank you Ronnie’s Mum for sending this lovely clip to Readit2.

Readit2 Schools and Settings: Roebuck Primary School, Martinswood Primary School, Letchmore Infants School, Peartree Way Nursery and Pre-school, Heath Lane Nursery School, Andrews Lane Primary School, St Paul’s Walden Primary School, Two Waters Primary School, Bedwell Primary School, Bernards Heath Infants School, Creswick Primary School,  New North Academy, Kings Square Nursery, Archway Children’s Centre, Islington, Dunholme St Chad’s Primary, Lincolnshire

“ It was lively, allowed time for discussion and the speaker was very knowledgeable…pitched appropriately, lots of research matched to all levels of training, practical, interesting,, a very clear pedagogue based upon a vision to ensure all children are readers..5 stars!” January 2016, Islington Early Years Adviser.

“A very inspiring and important course, delivered with a clear passion for the future of children (and adults). Really looking forward to the next one!” EY Practitioner, Kings Square Nursery, September 2016

Working with Sarah Kingham and Readit2

‘The process we have been through with Sarah has had a huge impact on our classroom practice and also on standards in literacy in the Foundation Stage. Initially in terms of our re-structure of the classroom and the daily diet our children access in our setting.

Similarly, we have found the Read it2 programme to be a process enjoyed thoroughly by both the children and the adults delivering it. It has undoubtedly had an impact on individuals and their confidence in terms of seeing themselves as a ‘reader.’ Children love their sessions and it is clear, when then working alongside their peers looking at the Readit2 texts, that they are more confident to put forward their ideas and ‘model’ how to read the book as it is more familiar to them.

We have also applied strategies and principles of Read it2 with the whole class. We read the books again and again as a whole class and in small groups. Children will regularly choose these texts to read in discovery time and it is lovely to see them confidently running their finger under the text and reading to their friends.

Sarah’s training has been bespoke and designed to fit our needs and she has always been responsive to our feedback.

The challenge with the programme will always be ‘time’. As a class teacher, I would love to be taking children on a 1-1 basis to develop the programme but it is just not feasible in our setting. However, I feel we have adapted the programme to make it fit in a Reception class and we are thrilled with the outcome. We will certainly continue using Read it2 as both an intervention but also as whole class strategy to impact on reading and self-esteem.’  Sara Bristow, EYFS Co-ordinator, Dunholme St Chad’s Primary School, LINCOLN,                                                             November 2016

“ I’m using my EYFS PPG – but I can honestly say that it is having an impact at Martinswood despite only being in the very early stages. No wonder the schools already using it speak so highly of what has happened in their school. It isn’t rocket science and many will think they can set it up for themselves but what has been of great value here is getting all the TAs together to talk about the reading experience and that has boosted their engagement with listening to and supporting reading across the whole school.”  Tom Evans, Headteacher at Martinswood Primary School, Stevenage, September 2016


“We all agreed it was an all-round enjoyable INSET Day, inspiring, well delivered and concise. My staff are very excited about getting Readit2 started and we all agree that it will be invaluable for our vulnerable children. Feedback from one member of staff – ..Had an inspiring and educational day with Sarah, Readit2 Founder. Reading to and with your kids, our kids, anyone’s kids is one of the MOST important things you can do with a child. Give them the joy of literature, discovery and imagination. Set them up for life. This training and programme teaches you to do it! Great work, Sarah!” Jackie Morgan, Head, Kings Square Community Nursery, Islington, September 2016


“ a pilot project was undertaken to improve the reading skills of the children… with lower levels of attainment; most of these were boys. Over the course of the year, this group made more progress than their classmates, and their standards were as good as others by the end of the year.”

OFSTED report – good nursery school, Hertfordshire


I’ve now seen books in a whole new light! And really understand how powerful reading really is – yes!.”

January 2016, EY practitioner, Islington.