A tried and tested effective early literacy programme that will improve the reading of all 2- to 5 -year-olds – an ideal way for using the Early Years Pupil Premium and supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has been implemented in Primary and Infant schools for any children needing a daily one-to-one reading experience to develop the LOVE of reading.

At its core is the programme’s unique emphasis on the development of an emotional attachment with reading and learning; it is this daily one-to-one reading experience between a child and an expert practitioner that has been proven to make the difference.


At the core of Readit2 is an emphasis on the development of an emotional attachment to reading and learning: it is this daily one-to-one reading experience between a child and expert practitioner that has been proven to make a difference.


Benefits As educational professionals, we are used to hearing, seeing and reading many claims about what can happen as the result of a new intervention. I won’t ever say that the Readit2 one-to-one reading programme can solve 100% of any


Programme The programme provides: Specific training modules for a variety of audiences A comprehensive resource pack An up-to-date booklist A literacy-focused environmental audit An assessment and monitoring tool. Specifically trained and accredited Readit2 consultants to read with children where required.


One in four children in England, start school without the necessary communication and language skills to successfully learn to read. Speech, language and communication difficulties account for approximately 21% of all special needs within Englands primary education system Early Intervention Foundation 2017

In a survey by Quick Reads, 19% of parents with children under eight admitted that they read with them just once a week or less.

An inability to read well risks a life of poverty and a struggle for too many of today’s children Save the Children Campaign

Readit2 helps children develop an emotional bond with reading and learning before children start school and continues when they are at school. Through a daily one-to-one reading experience, it aims to support children who may have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). By the same adult reading to the child each day, the child learns to trust. As Oprah Winfrey says ‘all humans need to know that they matter’.

Knowing you have ‘an always available adult’ who gives ‘professional love’ is the most successful route to counter balancing the effect of an ACE

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And now…….Ronnie aged 4 years 3 months is reading.



"Am really pleased with how the training has motivated the teachers and the Readit2 practitioners - so important to have trained together...we are going to implement it throughout KS1 many children need that regular daily emotional connection.." 

 Lottie Woolfson Deputy Head, Bernards Heath Infants Dec 2017